About Us


WUTA, expert in leather crafts

WUTABAGSTRAP is the evolution of WUTA. It is the digital path and the new experience we want to offer to each one of you, following the values that shaped our past.

WUTA, I know more about leather craftsmanship
In 153 countries around the world, more than 600,000 professional leather craftsmen use WUTA's tools and leather;
More than 30 luxury leather suppliers in Europe sell high-quality leather to the world through Wuta WUTA
Wuta WUTA provides multi-faceted professional support for advanced customization, maintenance and restoration of global luxury goods.

Materials and crafts for luxury goods replacement
Haas, weinheimer, Roux, Alran, Tanneries du Puy... leather, Sajou, AMMAN wire, Stahl, Fenice... luxury brand materials are also used for our luxury accessories.
Hand-pressed leather edge, double-wavy French-style hand-sewn, and unique rain stitches of German DUKEPU locomotives, reproducing the luxury craftsmanship of the same level.
Dig deep into the supply chain of luxury brands, spare no expense in making molds and precision casting, and restore the quality of the original hardware.

Believe it or not, only in this way can you match your beloved bag.

We believe in our strength on finding the emerging brands so follow our path and you will be wearing today what the rest will be wearing tomorrow.
In WUTA you will find the upcoming trends and all our news. We will keep you up to date on what is going on in this fashion and not only world.

We only have one mission

To make this world a little bit more interesting and a little bit less boring. How are we going to do that? By offering a platform where each one of you can buy and wear something different from the person standing next to you. We don’t follow the norms but we follow this new shift towards the “different”.

At the same time, we ensure that all these products we offer, are produced under the best conditions and in the most sustainable manner and are delivered to you in the condition and quality you expect.

Company name:SHARLOMAY LTD Company address:Agion Theodoron 6 Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus